Thrones and Blood

Navigator's Log

Navigator’s Log #1

We finally leave Pretunius. A wretched planet that is. However the rogue trader says he want to recruit extra bodyguards. So what we get were two death-worlder. Barbarians, both of them I say. One in the name of Linken Bretonic and another called Dieter von Kaiser. I don’t care where they are from or who they were in their home-world. I still see them as barbarians.

Our own explorator, Eliss Tangryen finally finished in overseeing the engines. The engines are temperamental bunch. Always blowing off when you need them most. Whatever, it doesn’t matter now, the ship would be ready to leave Pretunius. Finally my pockets are away from those damned pickpockets. Had to kill the last one that tries to pick my pocket.

Ah back to the ship. Finally I will be assuming my navigator duty once again. The Rogue Trader says he need to go to Port Wander in the Koronus Expanse. Not sure what he is going to get there but as long as I get my Thrones I wouldn’t complain. This travel would be a breeze.

I can’t believed it, I incorrectly predicted the warp-way. I lost a few good weeks there. Hope there’s no other unfortunate event to occur.

Those filthy death-worlders keep on complaining during the warp travel. If only I could just shut them down, especially that…Dieter, annoying fella that is. Alas he is the Rogue Trader’s bodyguard. Well there is nothing I can do, for now.

THRONE OF TERRA! The ship accidentally hit a warp-shoals. I was skillful enough to minimize the damage taken but it seems like the other explorers and almost a quarter of the crew members are dropped into a state of coma. Looks like I have to handle this alone, as always. Only a few weeks left. I know I can handle this.

Getting this ship out of the warp is far more dangerous than I had previously thought. I lost the control of the ship for split second but fortunately my skills had once again avoided a what would-be another calamity. I manage to land the ship safely and miraculously all the ones that had been in coma have woken. The ships engine however are damaged badly but there’s no unsaved damage. That is one good news. Although we are now stranded upon this barren planet. And as usual, those barbarians are whining again.

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